Your Life Purpose?

One of the common themes I see in people that come to coaching, is a desire to explore what they are truly meant to do with their life.

Most of us have a sense that there is a better, more meaningful way to live our lives, but we can’t seem to find it by ourselves. We carry on doing what is required of us, but still this nagging sense that “there must be something more” returns. This search for a greater sense of their life’s purpose underlies client questions such as:

  • How can my career or work be more fulfilling?
  • How can I find more meaning in my life?
  • How can I find out what will make me feel I am living the life I am meant to.

Helping someone discover their life purpose, or helping them choose the most meaningful path forward, is the favorite thing I do as a coach. And depending where you are in life, you will approach this process differently. For most people, who still feel a strong calling to search for a way of living that more completes them, it goes like this:

To find the best path forward … you must first look back

To find your purpose, or the most meaningful course for your life, start by looking back at those special activities or experiences of your life that gave you a heightened sense of being alive. The peak moments of your life – when you felt like you were making a difference or felt like a winner or had the experience that time either disappeared or flew by quickly – always point to your underlying values. For example, some of my peak moments involve special moments when I helped someone, spent time with my family, developed an idea into a business, learned something new, had an adventure or traveled to some remote and beautiful places. These stories reveal that some of my “core” (most important) values are “making a difference”, “family”, “creativity”, “adventure”, “learning and growing”, and “being in nature”.

Now these are just a few of my core values, but if we were having a conversation about the important moments of my life, these and my other values would come up time and time again. In other words one or more of these values were always present in those most important moments.

Living a more fulfilling life starts with knowing your values

Here is a simple yet powerful truth. A more fulfilling life is simply a life where you more fully honor your values. In other words, a life that is more in line with what is most important to you. For example, if I have no ability to create, or make a difference, or be out in nature, (i.e. or cannot regularly enjoy my core values) then I feel very much off my path. I have a deep sense that something is wrong or missing.

In contrast, to the extent that my life is more fully aligned with my core values, ( i.e. – I have more creativity, am able to make more of a difference and frequently enjoy moments out in nature), I feel more fully alive, engaged and have a sense that I am right where I am meant to be. It feels like my life is unfolding as it should.

Your Core Values point to your Purpose

When you know your Core Values and use them to guide your decision making, you can expect your fulfillment to increase, dramatically. It is just that simple. However you should know that the nature of fulfillment is that an abundance of one value area, does not make up for a deficient in other areas. In my example, if I had a career full of creativity a part of me would feel content. But if this was obtained at the expense of making a difference or routinely being out in nature, I would have an underlying sense that something was missing. Saying this another way, to experience very high levels of fulfillment you must ensure all your core values are being honored.

It is all about knowing who you are, where you are going,
and how to best get there.

Now when you talk about anyone’s Life Purpose, you can get into a long and unproductive debate about what that truly means. Here we will simply define it as the state of knowing that you are fully engaged and expressed, experiencing a lot of meaning feeling that you are living the life you are meant to live. It is knowing who you are, where you are going, and how you can best get there.  For most people it boils down to the way you make a difference in the world, feel connected to your higher power, others, and live fully every day.

For Others…..

Some people reach a stage in their journey where they intuit that whatever it is they have been looking for is not related to establishing a specific set of circumstances or accomplishments in their personal or professional lives. For these people the search evolves into a strong seeking for God, Self, Truth or Reality.

This search generally grows stronger and more consuming, and can involve exploring various spiritual paths, teachings and teachers.

Eventually, as the realization grows that whatever is being sought, cannot be found outwardly, a cessation of seeking dawns. This is a very auspicious time in the journey, where an entirely new awareness is possible.

How coaching can help

Some changes and journeys are a lot slower by ourselves.

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