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Steve's Life And Business Coaching Notes - August 2010


Dog days of summer? Not quite. But here is little Grady enjoying a cooling off.
(If he looks particularly pleased with himself, it may be that he just learned he could swim.)


1) Managing The Mind - We are what we think. Here are some key suggestions to help you better manage the mind, and perhaps enjoy a lot more happiness and success.

2)  Business Development - This is part 1 of a series of articles to help you get dramatically more business from your web page.

3) Practice Building On A Budget - The latest edition of The Mentor Program (serious practice building for coaches) is here.

4 ) Unsubscribe Glitch - My newsletter management company changed the protocol for unsubscribing from this newsletter. If you have tried to remove yourself from the distribution list over the past few months, it may have not been successful. The correct link to cancel your subscription can now be accessed by clicking here

1) Managing The Mind

It is often said that the human mind is God's greatest gift, or the highest achievement of natural selection. A mind that can observe itself, explore the cosmos, invent the Internet, maintain complex social relationships, make music and bake cookies, is truly something to behold.  As a tool (for good or otherwise) the human mind has no equal. And it is equally true that the imagination, memory and focusing power of the human mind can cause us a great deal of grief.

Our ability to think, anticipate and ruminate can create a mental landscape of virtual non-stop thought. In fact our thoughts can become so dense, that many of us simply identify fully with whatever we are thinking. In other words, we can define ourselves by our thoughts alone.

Some thoughts are brilliant. Some are ridiculous. Some inspire. Some make us shrink and keep us from enjoying fuller, freer lives.

A key point to remember is that thoughts only have power to the extent that we believe them, and give them attention.

If you do not believe a thought, it has no power. (i.e. – The thought that you are purple and purple people are a lesser valued tribe, cannot cause you any grief because it is not true.)

If you do not focus on a thought, just let it arise and drift away, it also has no power. (You may have a thought that I am not ready to enjoy great success, but if you simply let the thought come and go without resistance, or identifying with it, the thought will not trouble you.)

We live in a culture that values the power of thought. However, very few of us spend sufficient time examining what we are thinking, whether it is true, and how it impacts us.

Since our thoughts create our world, I encourage you to check out your most common and emotionally charged thoughts. And feel free to let go of any thoughts that keep you from being happy, free and successful, today.

"You do not have to attempt to constantly manage your mind.
It is not an enemy, but rather a natural playing out of your own energy.
Use the mind as the powerful tool it is.
Simply choose not to follow it on all its follies." 

2)  Business Development - Web Marketing Basics Part 1

For most of the independent clients I work with, one of the easiest ways to get dramatically better marketing results is to help them with their websites.  Most clients have spent a lot to time and money building a website, but few of them actually get consistent business from it. Often they have worked with "experts" who promised they knew all about search engine marketing, but the lack of results reveals a different story.

This is so common it is tragic.  If people knew how much good business they were missing by not being able to connect to their ideal clients, they would be amazed. So with this newsletter I will start a series of articles to teach you the basics, all that you need to know so that you can take charge of your web marketing and change your website from an expensive but ineffective brochure, to your best marketing tool ever.

Now I know many of you may not want to learn this, thinking it will be too technical and complicated.  And I know many of you believe you have people in your life that can do all this for you.  I speak here as a friend with nothing to gain, who has seen hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of clients who felt the same way pay dearly for their aversion to this work.  I believe that if you really care about the success of your business, you owe it to yourself to at least learn the basics, so you can be sure your advisors are doing effective work for you.

Finally, while there are many nuances to this work, I believe none of this is rocket science. I have seen hundreds of everyday small business people with no technical background learn what they needed to learn, and do what they needed to do in less than 10 hours of work. And many of them got dramatically better results from their site for their efforts. (When I say dramatic I am talking about seeing easily over 10 times the amount of business from their site.)

Okay, on to the first lesson. It's about keywords (or search phrases). For you to connect to your ideal clients, you need to know what they are typing into the search engines to get information and help. (Note – this means you have to know who your ideal clients are and have a good feel for the types of challenges they face, changes they want to make and information they are searching for.  It helps a lot to go out and actually find this out by interviewing some of your ideal clients.)  If you don't have a keyword, or have too general a keyword, your page will not be optimized to anything, and you will never get noticed. (The search engines will not know what to match you to and you will get lost in a sea of non-specific web sites.)

Your job is to think like your ideal client and come up with a selection of possible keywords or phrases. (You can learn a lot about keywords from doing trial searches and seeing what comes up and by looking at competitor's sites and seeing what words they use.)

Once you have a list of contending keywords, it's really important to know how much traffic (searches per month) each keyword gets. To find this out, you need to use a keyword tool. When I do this work these days I typically use Google's Keyword Tool, which has recently been moved inside Google Adwords. To access it you will have to log in - or set up an account , and then use their Keyword Planning tool. (Google has a lot of tutorials to help you out.)

Alternatively, you can also use the free service of Wordtracker . Just know that the results there are the daily number of searches, rather than monthly. Also know that because they use different methodology, the results from Google and Wordtracker rarely jive. Nevertheless they both will give you a good feel for the relative search volumes.

Whatever tool you use, you simply type in each keyword and record how many global searches are done for this keyword - each month or day depending on the tool you use.

Get started on this and next time we will talk about how to identify the keywords that will give you the most traffic, with the least competition. Your site will come up where you want it, and actually be seen by thousands of your ideal clients.

"The more that critical reason dominates, the more impoverished life becomes.  Overvalued reason has this in common with political absolutism:  under its domination, the individual is pauperized."
- Carl Jung

3) Practice Building On A Budget - The Next Business and Life Coach Mentor Program is coming

It here. August's version of THE 6-FIGURE PRACTICE MENTORING PROGRAM will start shortly.

If you are serious about building a successful coaching practice, and believe time is money, please email me at scmitten@shaw.ca to learn more about how this will work. 

"Thank you, I deeply appreciate working together,
I am getting more value than I ever expected or could hope for."

"Working with Steve literally transformed my coaching practice, and took my life to a whole new level."

"I wanted to make sure I wrote to thank you, as you have been pivotal in helping me focus...... which has opened a world of opportunity. Thank you very much for your wise counsel and masterful coaching."

"It is only month 3 and I have gone from 4 to 13 clients."

"Found my niche, established my brand, optimized my website,
and now I actually attract all the ideal clients I can coach!
This program exceeded all my expectations."

"This is truly a transformational experience...thank you."

"Never been busier."

"I have experienced more success than I thought possible." 

Visit Steve at Life and Business Coach Steve Mitten.

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