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Steve's Life And Business Coaching Notes

Fall 2012


Happy Trails.


1) Keeping Your Eyes On The Road - Negativity Bias And The Importance of Focusing on Where You Want To Go.

2) Last Call - Just 2 seats yet to be confirmed in this Fall's 6 FIGURE PRACTICE MENTOR PROGRAM for coaches wanting to build their practice. It starts next week.

1) Keeping Your Eyes On The Road - The Importance of Focusing on Where You Want To Go

Every summer, I am grateful to spend hundreds of hours mountain biking with friends in the forests and mountains behind my cabin on B.C.'s rugged coast. The climb up the mountain logging roads gives you one heck of a workout, and pretty much guarantees you can eat whatever you want all summer and still lose weight.

The ride down through the vast network of heavily treed trails, wild-flower covered meadows, across mountain creeks, and past the occasional inspirational viewpoint over the Salish Sea, is nothing short of sublime. And whenever you are out in nature, you learn a few things about life.

When you ride a mountain bike, one of the first lessons you learn, is to look where you want to go. You never want to keep your eyes focused on the various obstacles, rocks, roots, stumps, potholes, etc, that you are trying to avoid. You see, you tend to steer where you are looking. If you pay too much attention to the rock you are trying to avoid, you stand a greater chance of hitting it.

This principle transfers pretty well to other parts of your life. We humans tend to put far too much attention on what we don't want to happen, and not enough attention on what we do want to happen.

It seems evolution has programmed us to give far more consideration to potential threats. (Neuroscientists call this the "negativity bias".) And when we focus on all those things that could go wrong, we often trigger our flight or fight response. The flood of hormones this releases makes it very difficult for us improvise, innovate, or summon the courage and perspective to respond in a creative way. We tend to simply react, responding automatically in a way that kept us safe before.

This of course is not a recipe for breakthrough success. In fact, it pretty much guarantees we will continue to get the same results we did last time we reacted this way.

So, if you are doing anything important, (in your life, career, business, etc.) remember the negativity bias, and your tendency to over-emphasize the threats. While they need to be carefully considered, do not let your mind dwell on them.

Rather, consciously re-direct your attention back to what you need to be focusing on - those activities, thoughts, beliefs - that will increase your chance of success.

When your eyes keep focused on where you want to go, your bike will follow.

“If we listened to our intellect, we’d never have a love affair. We’d never have a friendship. We’d never go into business.....
You’ve got to jump off cliffs all the time
and build your wings on the way down.”

-Ray Bradbury

2) Last Call: Just 2 seats yet to be confirmed in this Fall's 6 FIGURE PRACTICE MENTOR PROGRAM starting next week.

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