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November 2013


"Struggle - There is always a gift in it."


1) The Gift In Struggle - This is an updated conversation on a topic from one of my earliest newsletters, discussing what to do when you find yourself struggling.

2) Other Resources - Here is a recording of a talk I gave to the Co-Active Network on Attracting More Ideal Clients Online. Also I include a link to a good video on Toxic Bosses, or how good people become a pain to work with - and what can be done to avoid it.

3) FYI Earlybirds- January's Marketing Program For Coaches Is Coming - The participants' list is growing. If you want to guarantee your place and learn how to attract all the clients you want, please check out the most recent testimonials, and new video description of the program.

1) The Lesson In Struggle.

Nobody I know enjoys struggle. Yet struggle is a common part of each of our lives. Coming of age. Relationships. Health. Finances. Career. Who has not had their share of struggles in life? And while on the other side of a struggle, most people will acknowledge they have gained strength, wisdom and often compassion, few of us (pain-adverse creatures that we are) consciously seek out struggle. Nevertheless, struggle inevitably comes our way.

Do you remember learning about homeostasis in your high school science class? It is the tendency of every organic system to maintain equilibrium. We humans are very complex organic systems that work very hard to maintain equilibrium, in the face of a world where the conditions of our existence are constantly changing. As we resist this change, we encounter struggle.

"What you resist..... persists."

We are not talking about our small day to day problems here. They are either solved, or quickly pass. However, those big challenges or struggles that persist in our life, can really block our progress, discourage us, raise our stress level, and generally drain us of joy.

Chronic struggles are no fun. Yet at any given time, most of us have some area in our life where we are consistently running up against a brick wall, time and time again. The good news is that in every struggle, there lies a gift, a kernel of insight that points directly to the changes and growth we would most benefit from making. The minute we stop resisting what is actually happening and begin to consider new possibilities, there is a shift and we can often achieve a significant breakthrough.

"We humans tend to be blind, or most resistant,
to the changes we would most benefit by making."

So if you find yourself being stymied, not progressing, running up against the same resistance time and time again, you might want to stop long enough to reflect on the following questions:

• What is this struggle trying to tell me?
• Where am I resisting growth or change?
• What do I need to let go of to move forward?
• Which of my best qualities do I need to step into to move past this point?
• What might be the opportunity in this situation?

For the bigger challenges you face in life, before you attempt to orchestrate change in the external world, it might really pay off to first turn attention inward, and explore what the gift in the struggle might be.

2) Other Resources.

Talk On Attracting More Ideal Clients Online

This is a recording of a talk I did recently on the CoActive Network that will give you a good overview of attraction marketing. I did this talk because so many coaches waste a great deal of time and money on a website that does not create business, completely ignore SEO, and don't know how to incorporate Social Media into their marketing. So they resort to having to track down all their clients one at a time attempting to sell them "coaching" - something most prospects don't understand or value. (And most coaches hate to market this way because they feel they are molesting everybody they know with talk of coaching.) You can click here to listen to the recording.

Toxic Bosses

Here is a good video by Leadership/ E.I. researcher and author Annie McKee on Toxic Bosses. It summarizes a lot of good info on why good people can start to behave in toxic ways, and provides many tips on how they might avoid it. Toxic Bosses

3) FYI - For The Early Birds In The Crowd.

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Coach Marketing

(Here is a new video that briefly describes the program.)

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