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Steve's Life And Business Coaching Notes - October 2009


A little spontaneous celebration of life during an end of summer bike ride with my daughter.
(Sorry about the peep show. If I ever do this again I will tuck in my shirt and concentrate a little more on my form. :-

Dear Friends,

I hope you are well. The leaves are changing colors in our part of the world, and the end of summer always makes me think about where I want to recommit and re-engage in my life.

Here are a few topics to help you progress on all that is important in your life, career or business.



P.S. - Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond to my recent survey. You have given me some great ideas on a whole range of topics that I will incorporate into future newsletters.


1) A Simple (And Powerful) Technique To Get Those Important Things Done.

2) Business Development - Come Out Of Your Cave and Meet Your New Market.

3) Programs - The Next 6-Figure Practice Mentor Program Group Is Forming.

1)  A Simple (And Powerful) Technique To Get Those Important Things Done.

Have you ever found yourself wanting to get something done, yet struggling to actually do it?

For most of us, this happens all the time. Whether it is something you want to do for your business, your health or career, our best intentions can often be torpedoed by conflicting thoughts and feelings.

For example, I have had the intention of writing this newsletter for about 3 weeks now. Even though I have had ample time, until today it has simply not happened. I would block out time on my calendar to write, but when the time came, I would ignore it or otherwise get distracted. So, I would look out a week, and block out more time to “finish the newsletter!!!” and sure enough as the next date rolled around, I would lose my commitment.  

If you have a few things in your life you truly want to accomplish, but are struggling to move ahead with, here is a simple technique to try.

This approach is most powerful when you do it with a partner, where someone can act as your coach and pick up on any signs of resistance. However, in a pinch you can try it out yourself as follows:

Step 1) Stand up (in front of a mirror if you can), and state your intention. “I want to complete my newsletter today.”
Step 2) Scan your mind and body for any sign of resistance or conflict.  In this example I might notice a conflicting thought that “I don’t know if the topics will be of interest to all my readers.”
Step 3) Give voice to, or otherwise express or act out, your conflicting thought. In this example I might repeat the conflicting thought , “I don’t know if the topics will be of interest to all my subscribers” in a weak, whiny voice (it is important to act out or exaggerate the silliness of the conflicts) for about 15 seconds or until you feel it has been fully expressed and effectively removed. (In my case I know it is impossible to write something that will be a hit with everyone. Yet to wait for perfection is to stay on the sidelines, and thus not be of use to anyone. )
Step 4) Now that you have cleared one conflict, speak your intention again and see if you can pick up any other conflicting feeling or thought. If anything comes up go through the steps again. 

Keep doing this until you can state your intention with a solid voice and a strongly felt sense of commitment. Make sure to eliminate any feelings of resistance, and pay careful attention to notice any body language (like head nods, slouches, eye blinks, etc.) that show up in the mirror and might indicate other conflicts to explore.

Once you have your strong commitment, act as soon as possible.  We have a limited reservoir of attention each day. Anything (morning paper, email, phone calls, etc,) you let come between you and your principal commitment, robs you of the energy you need to get the important thing done.

Try it. This approach will serve you well for many everyday commitments. However, if you run up against some really stubborn conflicts, seek some help. We are all highly resistant to the changes we would most benefit from making. And it is hard to spot and work through the big ones on our own.  

"There's a difference between interest and commitment. When you're interested in doing something, you do it only when circumstance permit.
When you're committed to something, you accept no excuses, only results."

- Art Turock

2) Business Development - Come Out Of Your Cave and Meet Your New Market.

This time last year, the sky was falling. No one knew how bad the economy would get. All we knew was it was going to be rough.

Over the past 18 months we have all lived through the worst economic downturn in memory. And while we have miles to go before anyone would declare the tough times officially over, we have stabilized significantly. The optimists among us (I am one) understand it may be a slow thaw, but each week we see more and more green spouts of hope reminding us that after every economic winter, there is a robust spring. The pessimists among us, (I know quite a few), continue to wait for the other shoe to drop.

Whatever your beliefs or situation, chances are you or someone you know has been negatively affected by the downturn.  There is no denying that, collectively over the past year, we have experienced very high levels of fear, and that has an impact.

Fear makes us contract, pull back, lose confidence, throw away our plans, forget our dreams and effectively retreat to our metaphorical caves. And fear lingers. It influences our behavior, long past the event that initiated it.

Caves are great places to be to ride out a storm, but you don’t want to build a business or live your life there.  Even though you may still feel scared, it is time to move past your fears and get back into the game. It is time to assume this is the “new normal” and look to what you can create from here. (And you will find new places where you are badly needed.)

Right now, your clients need you more than ever. Right now your new potential clients have their own share of problems and concerns you can help them with. In fact, right now there are unprecedented numbers of potential new clients unhappy with their current business results, their existing career, or the service they have been receiving from their existing providers.

Whatever you think might happen in the future, life is lived in the present moment. It is time to come out of your cave. Get back in touch with your market. Talk to people and find out where you are most needed now.

It feels a lot better to be building something, than it does to keep hiding from past or imagined future pain. 

" No passion so effectually robs the mind of all its powers of acting and reasoning as fear."

- Edmund Burke

3) The Next 6-Figure Practice Mentor Program Is Forming.

It must be the times, but I have a lot of coaches on the waiting list for the next Mentor Program.

So if you are serious about succeeding as a coach, and if you are looking for an affordable solution to move past your current limitations and get much better results, check out the new audio description of the Mentor Program I recorded at THE 6-FIGURE PRACTICE MENTORING PROGRAM,

There are only so many coaches I can work with each year. If you are tired of the results you are getting, please email me at scmitten@shaw.ca to reserve a spot. 

"This is truly a transformational experience...thank you."

"Never been busier."

"I have experienced more success than I thought possible."

 "Something deep inside is falling into place. I am connecting the being and doing and it is really working.

"I am well into 6-Figures now.... and truly enjoying making a big difference in other's lives."

Life Coach and Business Development Specialist Steve Mitten B.ApSc, CPCC, MCC helps individuals, professionals and leaders find their niche, be their best and make an impact.

Visit Steve at www.acoach4u.com

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