June 2004


1) PERSONAL GROWTH - Are you open to receive abundance? 

2) MARKETING TIP - The power of a niche. 

3) COACHING TIP - The importance of weaving in mentoring.

4) SOS MARKETING TELECLASS RESULTS - 425% Return on Investment.



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I collapsed on the sofa the other night, flipped on the TV and found Wayne Dyer doing a "Power of Intentions" special. Now I like Wayne, I can remember back in the seventies discovering his book "Your Erroneous Zones" on the family bookshelf and thinking for a moment my mother must be reading about her Erogenous Zones. Upon reading the title more slowly I was greatly relieved to learn it was a self help book and not a signal that my reserved mother had been shanghaied by the sexual revolution. 


Fast forward 30 years and here is Wayne, talking about his new book, The Power of Intention. When I happened to stumble onto the program Wayne was essentially describing the infinite source of life as an inexhaustible energy source that was constantly generating abundance. To tap into this abundance we merely had to be open to it.  To be open to it, we needed to be in a state of love


As overexposed as Wayne may be these days, as simple and trite his concepts may at times appear, I have to agree with him on this one. I see it day in and day out, in my life, and in the hundreds of lives I have the privilege to share.


If we live our life from a place of fear (in its many disguises; jealously, greed, impatience, anger, resentment, judgment, pride, selfishness, etc.) we effectively cut ourselves off from the abundance available all around us. If we construct walls to keep out the bad stuff, we inevitably keep all the good stuff out as well. on the other hand, if each day we find a way to center ourselves in a place of love, patience, optimism, generosity, forgiveness, and compassion, we go about our lives fully open to embrace and create from whatever comes our way. 


While the river of life may have it many rapids and whirlpools, when we trust the overall process, and choose to believe that every bend in the journey has some lesson to teach us, we can relax and go along with the flow.   


Wayne has it right.  When you find a way to open yourself up again and again, and choose to trust the process, it truly is an abundant universe.


Challenge: Attempt to go for 1 hour without dwelling on any thought that does not serve your peace or sense of abundance. For example, try to be fully present - only taking in the direct sensations of your eyes, ears, taste buds, etc. - or attempt to only dwell on thoughts that bring you a feeling of peace, gratitude and joy. Whenever a disturbing thought comes up, simply notice it, let it go as if it were a helium balloon, and refocus your attention. Master this simple skill, and you will tap into more abundance than you might now think possible. (It is a state of mind not a material place. And the former proceeds the later.)

Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment. - Rumi.



Watching hundreds of coaches develop their businesses, I have come to the opinion that a good niche increases your marketing effectiveness by at least 3 fold (sometimes 10 fold).  In other words, the sooner you pick a group (vertical niche) or process (horizontal niche) that is a great fit for your passions and strengths - and allows you to package coaching as a solution to some of the existing challenges faced by your prospects - the better. 

Having helped my share of coaches find their own niche, I have streamlined the process to 5 steps:

  1. Identify your top 5 niche possibilities. 

  2. Rank these niches (say on a scale of 1 to 10) in each of the following sub-categories; how well they honor your passions, values and interests. How well they honor your strengths, training and expertise. How well the individual niches process a pressing need or problem to be solved, are easily accessible, and are able to pay for your services.

  3. Go research your top ranked contenders to better identify what their greatest needs are, how to best access them, how to position yourself as an expert to the niche, and how to best package your coaching as a solution to their greatest need.

  4. Test market your solution. Create a program, (1-1 coaching program, teleclasses, workshops, etc.) to try out your content, gain testimonials and learn more about your niche.

  5. Roll out your finished product while seeking every opportunity to speak, write, present or otherwise share your knowledge with your target audience to increase your exposure and solidify your position as an expert solution provider to this niche.

Developing a great niche takes time.  The good news is that it is not all up to you. As long as you do your part and get out there to see where you can passionately add the most value, the world will do its part and meet you part way.


In previous newsletters I have discussed the value of weaving mentoring (experience based knowledge) into your coaching practice. In an market place of increasing numbers of coaches, your professional and personal experience plays a big part in distinguishing you from every other coach, and attracting clients that value your expertise. 

The problem is that, in learning our coaching skills, most coaching schools train us to rein in our natural tendency to share advice. Many coaches graduate from their coaching school feeling like sharing advice violates some unwritten 11th Commandment of Coaching. 

This aversion to advice giving is a good and necessary part of your coach training, because the default setting for most of humanity is to give advice. To learn to coach well, we have to break old habits and learn to master the pure skill set of coaching. And once you know how to coach, and you no longer default to advice or opinion giving, you most certain can, and (from the prospective of being of greater use to your client and more successfully marketing your practice) should find a way to integrate all you know back into your coaching. 

Put yourself in a prospect's shoes.  Let's say you (a coaching prospect) are wanting some coaching to leave a career in the corporate world and start your own business. You have a choice between 2 coaches.  One is a competent coach that has demonstrated they can be of assistance coaching you through this transition.  The other is also a competent coach, who prior to coaching fled their own corporate career to spend 15 years starting and building small businesses. 

All things being equal who would you choose to work with?  It is a no-brainer.  The second coach has walked that path, knows the pitfalls and could offer a great deal more insight and direction that would shortcut your path and also provide great coaching. 

So whatever your life and career experiences they are a very important part of why a client chooses you.  Finding the right way to weave an appropriate amount of mentoring into your coaching can be of great assistance to your clients. 

Finding the right way to let the world know about your unique life and professional experience, can help you better position yourself in the marketplace and better differentiate yourself from other coaches. Integrating mentoring into your practice is the coaching equivalent of adding a few more strings to your violin. You can play a great deal more music, to a much bigger audience. 

So how do you do this without becoming a consultant? Before offering any advice or mentoring ask yourself:

  • Will this information (knowledge, advice, opinion) significantly speed up my client's progress?

  • Will this mentoring keep them fully responsible for their learning and progress?

  • Will this information significantly deepen their awareness? 

The answers to these questions will help you determine how and when to add value and best serve your client. Should that lead to weaving in some mentoring into your coaching, do so without guilt.  You are hired to add value, empower, raise the awareness and advance the progress of your client. It is important work. Use all your gifts. 


We recently wrapped up one SOS class and started another. The results have been very rewarding. Participants to date are reporting a 425% return on investment, and the average participant is almost doubling their practice over the length of the program. With ongoing refinements, additions and great feedback from participants, we are looking for even better results next time around.  (Not bad for less than $25 per session.)

Our next will be starting later this summer.  If you are interested in joining us, you can read more at then contact me at and I will reserve a spot for you on the waiting list.

 We would love to have you join us.


The sun is high in the sky. The kids are out of school. The beaches, lakes and oceans call to be played upon. Over the next 6 weeks I will be taking my annual summer sabbatical from writing this newsletter.  I will still be coaching a reduced schedule, but over the summer, I cut back on other professional activities to enjoy more of this precious time with my family and friends.  (Ahh flexibility and freedom, just a few of the great benefits of being a coach.)

Have a fabulous few months everyone. 


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