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March 2004


NEW FORMAT - This is a new format for my newsletter. It should be easier to read AND contain something for everyone. (I'm consolidating my two separate newsletters into one.)

1) PERSONAL GROWTH - A glimpse at a Master.

2) MARKETING TIP - SHAMELESS PROMOTION - The need to get your ego out of the way when you promote your business.

3) COACHING TIP - STRESSOR VALUES - The importance of knowing those areas of your client's life that can send them to Gremlinville.

4) NEW MARKETING TELECLASS - The SOS (Sick Of Struggling) Marketing teleclass is a brand new offering for those who really, really, really want to build their business, now, on a budget. Claim your special offer price.

5) SPONSORSHIP - Coach Molly Gordon MCC helps the world and grows her business by contributing 10 cents to charity for every person that signs up for her free newsletter. I think this is a brilliant idea that is a win-win for everyone. So as of now, I am following Molly's lead. IF YOU FORWARD THIS NEWSLETTER TO YOUR FRIENDS, AND THEY SIGN UP TO RECEIVE THEIR OWN FREE COPY, YOU TOO WILL BE HELPING THE WORLD. (And 10 cents will be be contributed to WWF, The World Wide Fund For Nature.)


You can't turn on a TV these days without seeing the hype about Mel Gibson's new film, THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST. Most of the buzz focuses on the blood and guts. Unfortunately in the Hollywood hard sell the powerful lessons of one of the greatest teachers of all time are lost.


Regardless of your religious persuasion, beliefs or philosophical leanings, the enlightened carpenter from Nazareth had a lot to teach us about life. Here is how Author/Academic/Historian Stephen Mitchell describes him.


He enjoys eating and drinking, he likes to be around women and children; he laughs easily, and his wit can cut like a surgeon's scalpel. His trust in God is as natural as breathing, and in God's presence he is himself fully present. In his bearing, in his very language, he reflects God's deep love for everything that is earthly: for the sick and the despised, the morally admirable and the morally repugnant, for the weeds as well as flowers, lions as well as lambs.


He teaches that just as the sun gives light to both wicked and good, and the rain brings nourishment to both righteous and unrighteous, God's compassion embraces all people. There are no pre-conditions for it, nothing we need to do first, nothing we have to believe. When we are ready to receive it, it is there. And the more we live in its presence, the more effortlessly it flows through us, until we find that we no longer need external rules or Bibles or Messiahs.


He wants to tell everyone about the great freedom: how it feels when we continually surrender to the moment and allow our hearts to become pure, not clinging to past or future, not judging or being judged. In each person he meets he can see the image of God in which they were created. They are all perfect, when he looks at them from the Sabbath mind. From another, complementary, viewpoint, they are all imperfect, even the most righteous of them, even he himself, because nothing is perfect but the One. He understands that being human means making mistakes. When we acknowledge this in all humility, without wanting anything else, we can forgive ourselves, and we can begin correcting our mistakes. And once we forgive ourselves, we can forgive anyone.


He has no ideas to teach, only presence. He has no doctrines to give, on the the gift of his own freedom.


Beneath every religious tradition there are deep, spiritual truths that are as relevant today, as they were 2000 years ago. And a truth can shine forth through any amount of hype.


Note- Stephen Mitchell's book is The Gospel According to Jesus, and it is a great read for anyone wanting to dig beneath 80 generations of often imperfect interpretation and view the beauty and genius of a great soul.



Thomas Leonard was my first coach. Thomas was a great marketer, and one of the principles in his Laws of Attraction was market yourself "shamelessly". When Thomas first mentioned this, I was put off. Pictures of hard selling door to door salesmen came to mind. The buy this because it will help me approach to sales just did not seem to align with who I was, or how I felt something as powerful as coaching should be marketed. How Thomas approached marketing worked for him, but it just wasn't for me.

Last week I stumbled across an old list of the Laws of Attraction. And when I saw the Market Yourself Shamelessly rule, I had an entirely different take on it. Rather than shameless self-promotion (it's all about me), how about simply marketing yourself without shame. In other words, marketing without thinking about yourself in anyway.

For example, not thinking whether you are good enough at marketing, or coaching. Not thinking whether the prospect will or will not like coaching, or will or will not reject you. We are really talking about ego-less marketing because where there is no ego, there is no shame. You simply share your gifts with the world from a place of holding a genuine interest in making things better. Some will recognize the value in your offer. Some won't. So what. Coaching is your calling, it's what you do in the world.

Writer Maya Angelou makes a distinction between modesty and humility. Modesty she reviles, because it comes from ego. (The focus is on a very personal or level-one place.) Humility she admires because it comes from a place of knowing your gifts are given to share with the world. The work you do is for the benefit of a greater good than simply providing for yourself. And when you make a good and steady contribution to the world, magically your needs are met.

All this might seem theoretical, but one of the biggest challenges you will face in building your practice, is getting out of your own way. By that I mean, getting your ego, the home of all your fears and gremlins, out of the way. When you can connect to that place of genuine humility, and your sense of purpose in the world, you can market without shame. And that is when great things will begin to happen for you.

Market shamelessly!


Clients come to their coach with a thousand different agendas. And if we are a competent coach we focus on helping the client move ahead on their agenda. Moving beyond competence, it is the job of a great coach to get a clear sense of what a client values, what makes them come more fully alive, so we can make sure that there is alignment between the presenting agenda and their values. Once you know what a client values, it is a fairly simple exercise to assess how well the client's agenda lines up with what is truly important to them. The greater the alignment, the higher the experience of fulfillment.

However, when we do values work with a client, it is important to know that all values are not created equally. One important sub-set of values is what I call stressors. Stressors have a huge impact on the ability of the client to successfully move forward with their agenda. In fact if a stressor is not satisfied, it is very difficult for a client to move ahead, period. ( In contrast if a regular value is not met, a client can move forward, they simply experience lower levels of fulfillment until the value is honored.)

Let me give you an example of how a stressor can show up in coaching. I had a client I will call Steve (also maybe I am running a little short on imagination today). Steve came to me to build his business and enjoy life more. We identified his values; creativity, making a difference, having great relationships, integrity, health, peace, financial freedom, spirituality, and nature as being those areas of his life that contribute the most to his feeling of greater success and fulfillment. The coaching progressed.

Some weeks Steve would come to the call in a open, creative, productive and optimistic state of mind. He would be moving ahead on all fronts and the coaching was easy.

Some weeks Steve would come to the call beset by Gremlins. In these weeks coaching was a challenge.

What I came to see was that Steve had a big stressor around financial freedom. And in those weeks where some unexpected expense, or business event threatened his anticipated cash flow, it knocked him right off his game, brought out his fears, and prevented him from responding creatively to the challenge.

Steve's story is representative of many client situations. (And we coaches have our own share of stressors, values that if not met can get us off our game and send us on a quick trip to Gremlinville. To find some of your stressors reflect on the last few times when you might have had an argument, felt flat, or otherwise struggled. Chances are you will find a stressor was not met.)

And when you are coaching a client, and you see some abnormal gremlin activity, keep your eyes open to identify the stressor button that has been pushed.

When you know what sets off your client, you can help them build more awareness, greater reserves and learn some tools to better manage their stressors. With your help they can return to being at choice, and get back on track.

4) The SOS (Sick Of Struggling) MARKETING TELECLASS


I think it is important for senior coaches to help new members of the profession. So I reserve a portion of my practice for working with new coaches. Sometimes my practice is full and I can't work with coaches who come to me. More and more now I have been asked by coaches to develop a way that those who cannot afford one on one coaching might get the support they need.

So for the first time ever I am offering a 12 week marketing teleclass for coaches. The purpose of the class is to guide 25 coaches through the process of learning, implementing and fine-tuning the specific marketing skills they need to build a successful practice.

The goal will be to teach you all you need to know, what you need to do and who you need to be, to build a successful practice, attract an abundance of clients and STOP STRUGGLING.


Success in building a practice is not just about gaining some knowledge. The harder part is climbing out of your comfort zone and making the changes required to get the results you desire. We will be focusing on finding the most natural way for you to do this, AND it will still be hard. (Although I argue, not as hard as starving with a partially filled practice.) Each week you will have homework to do. To give you an idea of the time required, it takes the average coach 5 hours of direct marketing to get a new client. So if you want to average 1 new client a week, you should be prepared to put in 5 hours of marketing each week. (If you want 1 new client a month, you need to commit to 75 minutes of marketing a week.)

To get the most value out of this course you will need to show up with a beginner's mind, and be prepared to try things out, fail, learn, grow, and try again.


The 12 week program will run from March to June. The program will air Mondays at 4 PM EST (1 PM Pacific) with the first class beginning March 22nd. The cost will be US$ 297.To get more info on the program go to\marketingprogram.htm


If you are a Coaching Notes subscriber, your cost of the teleclass is only US$249. To get your discount send me an email at , before March 4th, with INSIDER PRICE in the subject line, and I will put you on the list.


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