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Steve Mitten's Life And Business Coaching Notes - March 2008

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Dear Friends,

After the worst that winter could throw at us (here in the Northern Hemisphere) are you ready to take off your armor and enjoy the return of Spring?  If so, I send along these musings to help you bring forth all that is bright and beautiful in your life. 




1) On Commitment and Choosing Wisely. 

2) Practice Building - Watching the "Getting It Moments".

3) Stumble Upon - Time Well Wasted.

4) Grow - Become Inspired - Thrive - Live Your Calling.

1) On Commitment and Choosing Wisely.

Have you noticed? We humans tend to make mistakes. We learn a lot by trial and error, so by the time we have lived a decade or two, we have all logged our fair share of mistakes.  Some mistakes can be downright painful, and so many of us develop a strategy of always playing it safe in life, in hopes of minimizing mistakes.  

There are many variations on this "play it safe" strategy. Some are conscious, some are not. Here is one I see a lot of, "If I am not absolutely sure I will succeed fabulously at this new activity, I won't try hard. (Then if I do fail, I have a good excuse.)"

There are many times in life where playing it safe is a good survival strategy. However, when you are talking about the really important things, like your main relationship or finding and following your life's calling, the playing it safe strategy can be a recipe for disaster.  

If you always default to playing it safe, you may never fully commit.  And there are many undertakings in life that require full commitment or success is simply not possible. It seems life often tests us to see how badly we want something.  If we try to get by with anything less than a 100% effort, life can find us wanting, and we can fall short of achieving our goal. 

This is not a call to give 100% on everything you attempt. Perfection is consuming and can quickly turn into compulsion.  A 100% commitment on all areas of our life is unsustainable, unbalanced, and unnecessary.  (For example, I really don't care if my garage is not tidy every day of the year. I would much rather spend more of my free time with my family, and clean it up once or twice a year.) A complete commitment on all things can take a ridiculous amount of time and energy. As time is a limited resource, a full commitment in one area, means something else gets less attention. 

The middle way is found in cultivating the wisdom to know what requires and is worthy of a full commitment, and what is not. It involves learning how to calibrate your commitment so you don't hold back in times when it really counts. It involves finding your underlying inspiration, or compelling reason, to move past your doubts and fears and fully commit when that's what is called for.  

Making these sorts of adjustments requires a great deal of awareness. Cultivating higher awareness takes a great deal of discipline and practice. Learning to enjoy the whole process is an art.

What in your life would benefit from a fuller commitment?   

"Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it.
Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it." 

- Goethe

2) Practice Building Thought - Maximizing the "Getting It Moments".  

In the early days of building a coaching practice, before you have found your niche and developed a client contact strategy that attracts a steady stream of clients, marketing can be a real challenge.

The big problem all coaches face is that we are trying to sell something few people understand. Even though coaching is a wildly successful service (which averages a 98.5% satisfaction level), if most of your potential clients have never tried coaching, and do not know what the benefits are, they are unlikely to buy. 

That is why, in the early days of growing your practice, it is important to focus on maximizing what I call the "Getting It Moments", those moments when a potential client understands and gets a first hand "feel" for how coaching would work for them.

The key is to find the best ways to give qualified prospects (someone who does have challenges or changes they want to make, is open to finding some help, and can afford to hire you) an experience of coaching - so they get what it is and how it could help them. 

You don't have to give away full 30 minute sample sessions to accomplish this. However it is very useful to find ways to increase the number of conversations in which you engage a potential client and explore a few of these important areas:

  • So, what are you working on these days? (Or, as appropriate, what are your biggest challenges, changes, dreams, etc.)

  • What is the best possible outcome you are looking for?

  • What will achieving this mean to you?

  • How is it going? (Many people are struggling.)

  • What is your next step?

  • How will you ensure you stay on track, follow through and make this happen?

When a potential client has emotionally connected to the outcome they want, explored why it is important to them, realized they are not getting there doing what they are currently doing, understand that real change takes a real commitment, and that intentions require focus, support and time to become reality - they will be in a great position to appreciate how working with you would be of great use.

When a potential client really understands what coaching is, and how it works to support them to actually make the changes they have longed to make - you will have a new client.  

"If you bring forth what is within you, it will heal you. 
And if you do not bring forth what is within you, it will destroy you." 

- The Gospel of St. Thomas

3) Stumble Upon.

For those of you who spend inordinate amounts of time in front of a computer screen, and occasionally long to be surprised, entertained and educated with good content on subjects you are interested in, take a few moments to visit 

This site allows you to register for free, load in your preferences/topics/interests and download a small tool bar for your browser.  Then whenever you want a short mental break, you simply click on the "Stumble Upon" button at the top of your browser.

This will take you to a site, relevant to the topics you have highlighted as being interested in. Each of these sites have been rated by other users in the system that share your interests, so the quality of sites is pretty good. And if the first site you land on is not a fit, you can give it a "thumbs down" and stumble onto a new site. Usually within a few stumbles you can access lots of interesting info to lighten up your day. 

"Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterwards." 


- Anonymous


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