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October 2004


1) PERSONAL GROWTH - Breakthroughs and your comfort zone.

2) MARKETING TIP - Get Passionate. 

3) COACHING TIP - The Case for Certification.

4) SOS MARKETING TELECLASS - An encore fall SOS program starts next week.


When was the last time you really stepped outside your comfort zone?  If nothing comes to mind, chances are you are not living as large as you could.

We all like our comforts. There's nothing wrong with that.  However if we cling too long to the comfortable and familiar, we can forget what it is like to be fully alive, taking risks, exploring new horizons.  If you never venture out of your comfort zone, life can lose its joy, passion and excitement.  (Have you ever seen how alive a child is when they are surprised by something delightful and new. How many adults do you know are as excited by life as the average 5 year old?)

It is a simple truth that all our breakthroughs in life, lie just outside our comfort zone. We have to move away from the familiar, from time to time, to keep our life blood flowing.

Take a look around your life. What area needs some spicing up? Your relationship? Your career? What you do for entertainment? Your diet? Your health? 

Find a comfort zone that is getting pretty routine and inject some new life into it.  As Mark Twain once said, 

"Why not go out on a limb.  That's where all the fruit is."



If there was one magic ingredient that contributes the most to successfully marketing your business, it wouldn't be knowledge, or confidence or even world-class organizational skills.

I believe the single most important marketing ingredient is passion.  If you are passionate about what you do, that one trait will make up for almost anything else that may be missing in your marketing tool kit.

Genuine passion has the ability to inspire. People can see how strongly you feel about what you are doing, and they take notice. Passion is infectious. Passion gets people curious. Passion opens people's souls and invites them to come out and play. And people long to be inspired in their lives, careers and businesses. (That is what we coaches help them to do.)   

Having passion for what you do gives you the emotional fuel you need to move past all your doubts, fears and limiting beliefs, and do what needs to get done.  It may be the secret ingredient that stands between you and a great practice.

"Let the lover be disgraceful, crazy,
absentminded. Someone sober
will worry about things going badly.
Let the lover be."


3) COACHING TIP - The Case for Certification.

In the world of professional coaching, there are now over 150 coach training schools. (Currently only 25 of these schools have achieved accreditation by the ICF.)   Many of the non-accredited schools offer their own private certification programs.  Some of these private credentials can be achieved with no independent verification of competency.

It is true that coaching is a very young profession. But anyone who does this work has a sense for its huge potential. When clients experience coaching, they love it. However if coaching is going to achieve its full potential, we will need to earn the trust of the public we serve.

As a profession this will only be possible if we collectively rally behind one "gold standard" trusted, credential that we then strongly brand in the marketplace. We cannot hope to brand 150 separate credentials of dubious quality and hope to be successful. That, I believe, is a recipe for disaster in the marketplace.  

The ICF is the largest, oldest, most widely recognized, independent, non-profit professional association for coaches. The 3 levels of ICF credentials, ACC, PCC and MCC, have emerged as the "gold standard" for credentialing in professional coaching.

If you are planning a career in professional coaching, I strongly recommend you complete your training and obtain your ICF credential. Where you were trained, and who you have been certified by, is becoming more and more important to your success as a coach.  

In MHO (my humble opinion), the sooner you get your ICF credential and move into alignment with where professional coaching is heading, the better.  


Its official, we are going ahead with an encore fall edition of the Sick of Struggling Marketing Program for Coaches starting next Tuesday the 26th at 2 PM Eastern (11 AM Pacific.) 

As usual this will be the marketing-your-practice-on-a-budget program in which I share everything I have learned from my years in coaching, and hundreds of coaches I have researched.  I love delivering the program and I am delighted that so many past participants have put to use so much from it.  (You can see the recent testimonials at ).

This program is designed with the intent that you will find it the single most valuable business building exercise you've ever been part of.  (Many participants realize over a 500% return on investment within the first few sessions, and it is still less than $25 per session BEFORE your discounts.)

If you are interested in joining us, you need to act quickly.  Go to . Check out the program and then send me an email to let me know if you are in.( ).  

Next, direct anybody else you think might benefit from the course to the same link so they can reserve a spot and earn you both a discount. (Remember this is a win-win proposition, they get 10% off for being referred by you, and you get 10% off for each referral that signs up.  And there is always a 100% money back guarantee you can access anytime in the first month.)

 I would love to have you join us.


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