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Steve Mitten's Life And Business Coaching Notes - August 2008



Dear Friends,

It's summer in this part of the world. Here is a shot of dawn at my favorite beach where I spend July and August.  Vancouver is the furthest point on the horizon. It may be only 20 miles away, but it seems so much further on days like this.  

I hope you are taking time this summer to get close to the special people and places that feed your soul. 

Here are a few thoughts that might kick-start the process.




1) When Grace Meets Attention. 

2) Practice Building - Economic Climate Change.

3) Mentor Program Date Announced - Become Inspired, Build a Thriving Practice , Live Your Calling.

1) When Grace Meets Attention.

As some of you know I have a passion for the wisdom teachings. Over the past few years I have been digging deeper into the sophisticated and elegant teachings of Kashmir Shaivism that is the philosophic base behind the Anusara Yoga I practice. 

This ancient wisdom tradition, largely unknown to the West, contains inspiring and yet very practical guidance to help anyone live a healthy, more loving, peaceful and meaningful life.

One of its concepts that holds a lot of value to we busy-minded western folk, is the concept of anugraha.  In this tradition, anugraha refers to the phenomena that non-attached attention actually attracts Grace. In other words, when you focus on a process or outcome, get present and open your heart (I.E. seek what is best for all, without the influence of ego or attachment) Grace will flow to meet you.

I believe this to be a much more complete and powerful teaching than some of the other popularized "secret" forces at work in our everyday life. The difference is ego. 

At any time our ego can do a pretty good job of convincing us of all the things that need to change before we can be truly happy.  Ego can fill us with a steady stream of desires, aversions, attachments and fears. And if our intention for change is rooted in ego, we can visualize until the cows come home and not end up any happier. 

However, when you get beneath the shouting voice of ego, get present, and connect to the softer voices of intuition, wisdom and an intention that is good for all - and focus steady attention on that - you align with Grace. 

That is when the real magic happens. 

"The winds of grace are always blowing, but you have to raise the sail."

- Ramakrisha

2) Practice Building Thoughts - Economic Climate Change And Coaching Clients. 

Recently, I hear more and more coaches worrying about the impact of economic downturn on their business.

In the parts of the world experiencing the greatest change, concern is high.  Having seen quite a few such times, I feel the anticipatory talk and worry about what might happen far exceeds the reality.

In these fast times it seems change is the only constant.  While there are areas of every country and sectors of every economy that are experiencing significant restructuring, we still live in enormous economies that keep rolling on.  (The latest figures I've seen show the  US GDP to be well over $13 trillion, while the EU GDP is now over $16 trillion.)

Keep in mind that even in times of slow down or recession, the vast majority of people (over 95% in most developed economies) have jobs and continue to buy what they need.  The world economy might slow from time to time, and occasionally shrink a little, but generally life and business go on.

For us coaches this might mean some potential clients directly affected by a slow down (say they have lost their jobs) cannot afford 1 to 1 coaching. And there will be individuals and businesses that, afraid of harder times to come, pull back on their discretionary spending.

However, this does not mean all work for coaches will disappear.  Even in economically challenging times large organizations will still spend billions of dollars a year on training and development. (And just as some firms are hurting, there are others that are thriving in the new economic reality.) Everywhere, millions of small business owners will still need help building their businesses and balancing their lives. 
And still many, millions of people around the world will want help in their lives, careers and relationships. (Sometimes demand for coaches appears to go up when there is greater uncertainty in the air.)

I believe it is a very big and ever changing world. With any change there are short-term winners and losers.  I do not buy into the nonsense that the markets for coaching will evaporate anytime soon. (There are always a few coaches who feel this way, even in really good times. And this type of talk just ends up being a self-fulfilling prophecy for whoever buys into it.)

My best advice is that if you are affected by changes in your market, simply step back, reassess, and find out where the new opportunities are. What industries and business are benefiting from the change? What personal life issues are coming to the forefront of public awareness in this change? Look for how you can add value, establish credibility, and raise your visibility with a group that really needs you.

If you are finding your usual clients a little harder to come by, look at it as an opportunity to go after better markets. Times of change always bring an invitation to step out of your comfort zone, let go of the old ways, grow, become better at marketing yourself, and generally play a much bigger game in the world.

While some fear the great apocalypse with every client departure, others are out there simply looking to see where the world needs them now.

And the world still needs lots of great coaches.

It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new. 
But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful. 
There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, 
and in change there is power. 

- Alan Cohen


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