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Steve Mitten's Life And Business Coaching Notes - December 2008



Seasons change, new snow on the mountains. (Shot near Banff.)


1) The Gift In Changing Times 

2) Marketing And Maslow 

3) Insider's Early Notification - Need More Client? Check out January's 6 Figure Practice Mentor Program

1) The Gift In Changing Times

How we humans love our security. Given a choice, a big part of us might wish for a life full of blissful, stress-free days, tons of money in the bank, a guaranteed cash-flow and not too many big surprises. 

So when change comes along and we find a bit of our security eroded or ourselves struggling in some way to hold onto old ways and resist a new reality, we may not see the hidden gift in changing times. 

Our tendency to seek security can blind us to the fact that life is constantly changing. Our habit to look back to what we might be loosing, or look forward to many imagined worse case scenarios, can keep us from recognizing new opportunities in the present. When you think about it, in such a brief life, where we are just one of 6.5 billion souls, with no say where, when and to whom we are born, living on a small fragile planet, near just one of 100 billion stars, in one of 100 billion galaxies, in an unimaginably large and powerful universe, any quest for control, security and permanence might seem a little ridiculous; however that is exactly what we try to cling to. 

Life simply doesn't guarantee constancy. And whenever we try to impose it, we suffer. In life, the growth is always mandatory, the suffering is usually optional.

Fortunately, we all possess the innate ability to adapt, honed by our ancestors that found a way to survive through unimaginable hardships (predators, plagues, invaders, crop failures, etc.) through countless generations. While we humans love our habits, comforts and routines, a deeper part of us longs to be more fully engaged, longs to be called out of old boring, underutilized places and grow, live and love more fully.  

The Greek root of the word "crisis" is thought to originate in a medical reference to the point in time when a disease turns. When you let go of clinging to illusions of constancy a crisis is  truly a time of opportunity. It is a time to separate from the old habits, the old ways (which probably weren’t working too well anyway) and swing out there to play a bigger game.  

If you are faced with a crisis of your own these days, use this time to find the new opportunity, to let go of the old and open yourself to the growth that is waiting to happen. Trust that the new changes will bring the possibility of even greater success, joy and love.

As the old year draws to a close, a new year begins.  And there is a new world waiting for you. You are needed now more than ever.

P.S. - If you are having trouble letting go of old patterns, just know that changing long held thoughts and beliefs is not easy. If you know you are struggling, find some quiet time to get clear on what is your core limiting belief. (It is often unconscious thoughts, that become our emotions, that become our moods, that hugely effect our behavior and thus the results we get.) When you track down a core limiting belief, go to  This is Byron Katie's site. In it she has an explanation of her simple cognitive processing approach called The Work. By reading the short explanation and watching a few of her short videos, you will learn enough to process yourself past your current struggles.  

" There is a river flowing now very fast.
It is so great and swift, that there are those
who will be afraid. They will try to
hold on to the shore, they will be
torn apart and suffer greatly.
Know that the river has its destination.
The elders say we must let go of the shore,
push off into the middle of the river,
keep our heads above the water. 

And I say….. see who is there with you and celebrate."

- Excerpt, from a message of the Hopi Elders

2) Marketing Coaching in Recessions - About Maslow and Time Commitments

In these recessionary times, many coaches (and other business people) struggle to sustain a steady stream of clients.  When bad news hits the airwaves (as it has these last 2 months) many people go into a state of shock. And the predictable reaction to financial uncertainty is that spending habits shift, budgets are cut, new expenditures are put on hold. In this sort of market, it can be easy to get discouraged. Discouragement can lead to despair and inaction - and you can end up making a recession into your own personal depression.

Usually in times of recessions, work in the marketplace does not completely dry up, but it does change.  As a survivor of many downturns, here are a few important thoughts to consider as you seek to find where your cheese has been moved to.

Keep in mind that in tougher economic times, discretionary expenditures are the first cut. Generally the market moves down Maslow's Hierarchy.  If you market to individuals, this means there will be less people ready to spend money exploring self-fulfillment, purpose or spiritual issues, and more exploring the practical concerns of career, money and health. If you market to businesses, this means that broad training initiatives will be harder to come by, but targeted coaching interventions for key personnel, or anything that contributes to revenues (like coaching sales and marketing teams) will still be funded. 

Secondly, in tougher economic periods, it generally takes more effort to get the same results. So if prior to the recession it took 5 hours of marketing to get a new client, these days it might take 7-10. (Most coaches severely underestimate how much time they need to devote to building a practice - this is particularly true prior to the stage where they have a niche and have developed contact strategies that attract a steady stream of clients.)  

If what you have been doing is still getting you clients, simply be prepared to put more time into sales and marketing. However if you are like most newer coaches and what you have been doing has not translated into a steady stream of clients, then doubling your effort may not result in many more clients. If this is the case, please use this time to step back, perhaps get some independent feedback and find a strategy that will help you raise your visibility and credibility in front of your ideal clients.

Finally, keep in mind that even in a deep recession, over 92% of the work force is still employed and many firms are still growing like crazy. We live in vast economies who may not be growing broadly these days, but they are not shrinking away to nothing either. 

Over the next 12 months there will be over US$ 1 Billion spent on coaching, find out how you can get your share.  

"There is no such thing as a really bad time in the market,
it just comes down to really ineffective marketing."


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