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Steve Mitten's Life And Business Coaching Notes - May 2008



Dear Friends,

This is a picture of the momma eagle tending her nest, just outside my office. She's a good parent, faithfully protecting her egg. As the other eagles soar in the spring thermals, she never leaves her post.  Soon her dedication will be rewarded, and she will once again soar in the warming airs.

Here are a few thoughts to keep the wind under your wings.




1) Two Types of Happiness. 

2) Practice Building - Coaches and Money.

3) Good Old Oprah.

4) Coaches - Become Inspired, Thrive, Live Your Calling.

1) Two (Very Different) Types of Happiness.

There is a type of happiness we experience when; all the work is done, there are no calls to return, no one needs your time, there is more than enough money in the bank to pay the bills, you are in great physical shape and at your ideal weight, you've had a great night's sleep, the house is clean, and everyone you are in relationship with recognizes what an incredible person you are, and you have solved global hunger and put an end to global warming, pollution and war. 

Needless to say, this type of externally dependent happiness is rare and fleeting.  

There is another type of happiness that is independent of the circumstances of your life. All the great teachers taught that this type of happiness is always close by, always accessible. In the Gospel of Thomas, Jesus says, "The kingdom of heaven is within." The Buddha found it within himself while sitting under the bodhi tree.  In many of the ancient yogic traditions it is taught that your true and natural state is one of bliss and abundance. It is only the attachments of ego, desire, aversion, fear and ignorance that take you out of this state. 

Many of us devote large chunks of our lives and careers struggling to pursue the former type of happiness, without much success.

The latter type of happiness simply is always available, independent of what else is going on in your world.  So even though there may be much unresolved in your life right now, I invite you to try a little experiment. Here's the simple protocol:

  • Set aside 10 minutes when you will not be disturbed. 

  • Get alone.

  • Either; go out in nature, sit in a room and listen to soft music, watch your breath, draw a nice warm bath, give a prayer of adoration or thanks, do a gratitude exercise where you truly "feel" what you are grateful for, meditate, gently dance, or do some mild yoga.  (The goal is to do anything that will turn down the volume of chatter in your thinking mind.)

  •  As your mind quiets down and returns more to the present moment, pay attention to the subtle feelings of well-being.  (Note - if you haven't done this for a while, you might only notice a slight calming or quieting, before the urgent voice of compulsion returns.) 

  • Repeat several times a day, and practice amplifying and identifying with that subtle, underlying sense of well-being and happiness.

Don't expect all the clouds to part, thunder and lightening to ring, all your problems to be instantly solved, or to immediately transcend all your earthly concerns. 

However, if you practice cultivating a stronger connection to your innate happiness and equanimity, you may find a growing experience of joy and notice that life's inevitable challenges are easier to navigate. 

"Liberation comes not as a process of self-improvement, of perfecting the body or personality. Instead , in living a spiritual life, we are challenged to discover another way of seeing, rather than seeing with our usual images, ideals, and hopes. We learn to see with the heart, which loves rather than with the mind, which compares and defines. This is a radical way of being that takes us beyond perfection. "

- Jack Kornfield

2) Practice Building Thought - Coaches and Money.  

Hardly a week goes by that I don't hear someone asking about, or commenting on, whether or not you can earn a good living as a coach. The short answer is yes you can, and yes many coaches do struggle. 

To share a few of my thoughts, and some of the latest data, on the financial side of the coaching profession, I recently wrote an article titled " Coaches and Money". If you are interested you can read it on my blog.

Damn Thirsty

The fish needs to say,
"Something ain't right about this Camel ride -
And I'm
Feeling so damn

- Hafiz

3) Good Old Oprah.

I have to admit to being a little sceptical when I first heard Oprah was going to team up with Eckhart Tolle to do a special web cast on The New Earth. (For those of you who have not been into a bookstore lately, The New Earth is Tolle's latest, and massive bestseller on the topic of basic mindfulness.)

I wondered if quiet, humble, intellectual, Eckhart would translate to prime time?  Would Oprah interrupt some world shattering spiritual insight with one of her countless commercial breaks?  Would the Fundamentalists rise up in revolt against "New Age Spirituality" being shovelled out to millions on the Internet?

Joking aside, I have to admit that this whole series, available for streaming or downloading at, has been a huge success. Oprah, and her viewers around the world, have done a great job in translating Tolle's teaching into practical day to day advice.

If you aspire to higher levels of joy, peace, love and freedom in your life, take the time to watch this series. Each segment is 90 minutes long, so pace yourself.

"They say there is a window from one heart to another.
How can there be a window where no wall remains?"

 - Rumi


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