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3) FEATURE ARTICLE - The Lesson In Your Struggles - How to find your next breakthrough.

4) Adios for the summer.


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The Lesson In Your Struggles
How to find your next breakthrough.)

Nobody enjoys struggle.  But struggle is a common part of each of our lives. Coming of age. Relationships. Health. Finances. Career.  Who has not had their share of struggles in life?  And while most people will acknowledge they have gained strength, wisdom and often compassion through their struggles, few of us (pain-adverse creatures that we are) consciously seek out struggle. Nevertheless, struggle often comes to us. 

Do you remember learning about homeostasis in high school?  It is the tendency of every organic system to maintain equilibrium. We humans are a very complex organic system that tries to maintain equilibrium, in the face of a world where the conditions of our existence are constantly changing.  As we resist this change, we encounter struggle. 

"What you resist..... persists."

Now let's differentiate 2 types of struggle.  The first type, intermittent, is just the typical day-to-day changes we easily manage to adjust to, and the struggle disappears.  The second type, chronic, are those long term changes that we either don't see, or resist.  And it is these chronic struggles that persist in our life, blocking our progress, raising our stress level, and generally draining us of energy. 

"Run from your struggles and they get bigger.  
Turn towards them, and they disappear."

Chronic struggles are not fun. Yet at any given time, most of us have some area in our life where we are consistently running up against a brick wall, time and time again. The good news is that in every struggle, there lies a kernel of of insight that points directly to the changes and growth we would most benefit from making.  And the minute we can identify and act on that growth, you can achieve a significant breakthrough, and the struggle will disappear. 

"We are all blind, or most resistant, to the changes we would most benefit by making."

So if you find yourself being stymied, not progressing, running up against the same resistance time and time again, ask yourself the following questions:

The answers you come up with will direct you towards the changes you will most benefit from making.  Act on them, and watch what happens.




The sun is high in the sky. The air and the water are warmer each day. The children's school year has ended.  The beaches, lakes and ocean beckon.  It is time to begin my summer writing sabbatical.   

I wish you and yours a very joyful summer. Keep cool. Slather on the SPF. And I will look forward to writing to you again in the fall. 

All the best,


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