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April - 2005




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For many years now mainstream management dogma has recognized that people are any organization's greatest assets. Hundreds of books and reports have testified to the obvious - if you want to build an extraordinary organization, you need to recruit, develop and retain extraordinary employees.  

Organizations have been listening and responding the way they know best, by spending money.  According to the ASTD (American Society of Training and Development) worldwide expenditures on training and development exceed $200 Billion per annum. You would think that when you spend that much money trying to make things better, you would see some impressive results. However, anyone who has spent time in organizations, knows that there is something terribly wrong, and a growing number of studies are pointing to this fact. 

For example:

  • A 2003 study by Towers Perrins indicated that a full three-quarters of those surveyed felt negatively about their work, while 28% were actively looking for a new job.

  •  The Gallop Organization's annual survey of employee engagement levels, which surveys over 1.5 million people, routinely show a full 72% of employees are either disengaged, or actively disengaged.

After decades of downsizing, reengineering, outsourcing, layoffs, mergers, acquisitions, technological change, and rising competitive pressures,  many organization's key assets -  their employees, managers and executives - are all living with record levels of stress, dissatisfaction and disengagement.    

  • A UN (International Labor Organization Study), indicates spiraling levels of anxiety, burnout and depression across the globe.

  • A Health Resource Corp studies indicate that North American Corporations lose more than $75 billion per year on stress related  compensation, healthcare claims, lost work time, and reduced productivity.

  • Every day, an estimated 1 million North American employees are absent from work due to stress-related complaints.

  • Between 75 and 90 percent of all visits to primary care physicians are for stress-related complaints or disorders.

  • The National Sleep Foundation reports that - a staggering 47% of U.S. workers are having trouble sleeping.

Clearly what we have been doing, is not working well.  Despite all the money being spent, hundreds of millions of employees are having difficulty coping,  yet alone excelling.  It seems people are not the type of assets, that can be bought and sold and optimized at will.  Theyíre people. Each an individual, with a unique set of emotions, beliefs, doubts, fears and aspirations. They donít just want a job.  They want lives and careers of fulfillment, balance and contribution - doing something that feels important to them.


Coaches know this. 


Great Coaching is all about taking the time to help individuals clarify their goals, grow, and achieve the outcomes most meaningful to them and their organization. 


Great coaching engages individuals at a deep, very human level, to help them become aligned, engaged and inspired.


It may seem obvious, but it seems that significant growth does take time and reinforcement, and benefits hugely from good old fashioned human to human contact.


"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. 
To change things, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete."

- Buckminster Fuller


Well-trained coaches know the importance of ensuring alignment between their client's agenda, and who the client actually is.  Otherwise, you can help a client get the results they want, only to discover the outcome does not lead to higher levels of success, fulfillment, balance and engagement. 

Often coaches gauge alignment by exploring a client's values.  If the client's agenda will take them towards higher levels of honoring their core values, alignment is good.  However, values have limitations.  Often they point to what has been rewarding to a client in the past, not necessarily what the client is growing into - whom they're wanting to become. To find this out, one needs to dig a little deeper. 

In my practice I often tell the story of the young Russian Soldier manning a lonely guard post at a country cross road.  When the soldier is startled out of his night vigil by someone approaching his checkpoint, he leaps forth and says: "Halt". "Who are you?" "Where are you going?" and "How are you getting there?" 

The stranger turns out to be the village priest, who is quickly recognized. Yet rather than accepting the soldier's apologies, the priest offers to pay the young man 30 rubles to ask those same questions every day.

The point of the story is that if you have answers to these questions, you are attending well to your life.

At its deepest level, "Who are you?" inquires as to why you are here on this planet. 

"Where are you going?" inquires into your vision for your life, or how you are going to use the gifts of time and talent you have.

"How are you getting there?" inquires into your calling, the next step, or the best path forward.

Answering these questions can provide a great deal of clarity, and much higher levels of engagement, for you and your clients. 

For me, as relates to the "Who" question - I believe I am here to learn, love, laugh and be of service. As to the "Where Are You Going" question - I am committed to help make a more inspired world through coaching. As to the "How" - I coach, teach and lead people to find their inspiration.

When you successfully explore these questions, and live by your answers, you will find yourself passionately alive with a deep sense of inspiration and alignment. When you help your clients find their answers to these questions, and then coach them to live careers and lives in accordance, you will be providing them with the best coaching they could possibly receive.

You will become as small as your controlling desire, 
as great as your dominant aspiration."

- James Allen


I have never met a coach who could not quickly access their enthusiasm for coaching.  When asked, "What do you love about coaching?" coaches can speak with compelling conviction on why they do what they do. It is their calling, what they are meant to do.

And yet when the average coach approaches the process of making a living from coaching, specifically the act of marketing and selling their coaching services, more often than not this passion and clarity disappear.  It is replaced by fearful, play-small, apologetic, insecure, "I-don't-want-to-bother-you-and-you-probably-won't-like-it-anyway" attitude that wouldn't sell a cool drink on a hot day.

You are at your most powerful as a coach, when you coach from your place of enthusiasm - your deep conviction of the possibilities for your client.

The same holds true for your marketing. You are most powerful and successful when you market from the same place of passion and enthusiasm you have for coaching. 

Coaching is your calling. It is what you are meant to do in the world. It really helps people.  They really benefit from it - even if they don't know what it is when you start to talk with them.  Do not let your gremlins convince you otherwise. You must market with enthusiasm.  

The root of the word enthusiasm is the Greek "entheos". It literally means "having the God Within".  When you access your "God Within" for marketing your coaching practice, you will be amazed at what is possible. 

Enthusiasm will always trump fear.  

"Life's blows cannot break a person whose spirit is warmed at the fire of enthusiasm."

- Norman Vincent Peale 


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And while there is a lot of great information, tricks and strategies that have been proven by hundreds of successful coaches, the most important and valuable work we do is on the "BEING" side of becoming a successful coach. (When you really get past your fears and begin to market with the same passion you have for coaching - because you really understand that this is what you are meant to do in the world - some amazing things can happen.

This program comes with a satisfaction guarantee and is designed with the intent that you will find it the single most valuable business building exercise you've ever been part of.  (Many participants realize over a 500% return on investment within the first few sessions, and it still costs less than $25 per session BEFORE your discounts.)

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I would love to have you join us, and help make 2005 a great year for you.

"The biggest part of the program was helping me get past my fear."

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